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Beautiful bike!

My chose this bike for my adult son with disabilities that needed a bigger trike. No issues with shipping or delivery. A bike shop assembled the bike, there were no missing or damaged parts. Very happy we chose this bike! We hope he likes the “no basket” look. I only gave 4 stars because in all fairness, he’ll need to ride it several times before we can compare it to our previous trike, but I feel it is going to exceed our expectations!

Wow, that's so wonderful to hear, thanks, Kelli! We're so happy for your son. :-)

Excellent trike overall

I have to say I've done significant research on this tricycle. Sure scooters in one of the best places to purchase it the price was more than fair and they're shipping was amazing.
Now for the outside. You have to have this thing professionally assembly. It literally comes as disassembled as they can possibly make it. Meaning the reflectors are in multiple parts. That's why I didn't get five star review. If it was a bit more assembled it would have gotten a solid five.

Hi Vincent, thanks so much for your purchase and for taking a moment to share your very insightful review. Your feedback on assembly is duly noted and we will strive to make the process easier. We're thrilled you love the Buddy Trike - it's a winner!

Single speed trike Belize

Easy to get on and off of, very sturdy, can't wait to ride some more! The weather hasn't been in my favor


The girls love this!!

That's wonderful news, and we're so glad they enjoy it! Thank you again, Cindy. :-)

Belize R2 recumbent trike

I like the trike a lot .Took me about an hour and a half to attach rear of frame to front with the six bolts .I had to sand paint off of handlebar post to get it to slide down into fork, The rest was pretty straight forward . I put fatter tires on it immediately after first ride ,the 1+ 1/2” that came with it slipped up my long gravel driveway.
Jonathan and SureScooters were very helpful throughout the entire ordering process!!!!


great customer service

And a great customer, no doubt. Enjoy and thanks again, Jose!


My husband bought the Trailmate for me to help strengthen my legs. Love it and find it comfortable and easy to ride. Would highly recommend it to others. I have the 21 speed.

Great Bike

Received bike in a reasonable amount of time. The assembly instructions are very vague. I’m pretty handy and I had to find a YouTube video to help with assembly. If you’re not very mechanically inclined I would definitely suggest taking it to a shop for assembly. Other than that, bike seems to run great so far. Definitely very sharp looking.

Hi Joseph, thanks so much for the feedback and we will see about getting an assembly video up in the future. Glad you're enjoying your new e-bike!

Waste of money

Just wanted to let you know I received the trike today. To say I’m extremely disappointed is an understatement. This is why,
First off it came with limited instructions. The instructions that explained how to set the three speed was helpful but that’s it. There wasn't
anything explaining what bolts to use where and what steps needs to done first. Luckily I have mechanical experience so I was able to fumble through it.
The main drive sprocket was so bent coming out of the box that the chain would not stay on so I had to bend it back the best I could.
The frame had deep scratches on it from the packaging.
The subframe was bent in several spots that I had to correct before it could be assembled to the main frame.
Let me explain how I feel about this product. I paid $680 for a Trek bicycle assembled at a bike shop adjusted to fit me but the bicycle tech. I paid over $800 for this bike. I had to put it together( which I knew I would have to do ) and it was not near the quality of the Trek that I purchased. In my mind I just wasted money. Additionally I purchased a folding basket and it doesn’t fit on the back of the trike if you put all of the handles on. If the bike had instructions that would have been helpful. I don’t plan on returning the bike but I’m extremely dissatisfied with what I have received. This will be the last product I purchase from this company. The quality of the product and the stays of which it was received does not in ANY way justify the price tag of this trike.

Hi Bryan,

That's deeply disappointing to hear about those defects but thanks for your candid feedback. This is by no means normal or acceptable. With trikes or any of our products for that matter, any defective, damaged or missing parts are replaced for free to our customers thanks to included warranties - you need only ask and we and our manufacturers are here to help! So if you haven't already, we invite you to claim the warranty offered by Belize and request any replacement parts you feel you need. Visit or call them directly at (877) 933-2595. Belize and all our manufacturers are also available to help with any assembly or troubleshooting tips. We wish you the best, take care!

Great bike, great price, great customer service from Sure Scooters!

Great product for the first time "e-biker!" As my first e-bike, I found the assembly relatively easy. The delivery folks that Sure Scooters use were friendly, prompt (actually arrived a day early) and helped ensure the bike arrived fine. My rep kept me informed with what was going on with my sale, and made the transaction exceptionally smooth. As for the assembly process, if you get stuck anywhere (as the manufacturer's directions are not very explicit in some areas- certainly not the fault of Secure Scooters) just give them a call and they will help you along the way! I highly recommend Secure Scooters for this particular model!

As for the assembly process, freeing the bike from its' cage is ideal, with a second person which I didn't have present. But once free, you can find most of the accessories under the seat. I probably didn't notice this fact, because I wanted to keep the wrappings in place to prevent any scratches or damage. The keys (at least in my case) were left in the ignition or power switch. By turning the switch to the left, this unhooked the seat, revealing the tool kit, pedals, and charger. Personally, I think at the very least, the tool kit should have been outside the seat storage, but then if that also included the instruction book, how do you know where it is?! Thankfully, I already downloaded and printed the instructions and was able to use my own tools until I finally discovered the included ones.

Belize R-2 recumbent Trike

I really like it. I have a lot of ride on pathway in Tempe. So fun time and good exercise


The experience with our representative, Jonathan, has been EXCELLENT !
The product has been EXCELLENT !
We are VERY pleased with every aspect of the interactions from this excepience.
We would best describe it as .... E X C E L L E N T !

Hi Mr. Thompson,

We're so glad you're enjoying this scooter, and thanks again!

EWheels EW-38 Heavy Duty 500 lb Capacity Scooter
Charles G.
EW 38

Scooter is great !!! Very well made and Is
Real fast. Have had 3 scooters in past.
This is the best by far. Thank you nice folks !!!.

Hi Mr. Gillette,

It was great chatting with you before and we're very happy you're enjoying the EW-38! Thanks again and take care!

Sunrunner 4

I have six mobility scooters and, by far, this is my favorite! Over-sized chair, beautiful paint job, optional batteries brought me to 25 miles per charge, goes to sleep mode when I forget to shut it off. Extremely happy with this product, Shoprider, and Jonathan at Sure Scooters.


Great bike. Low to ground yet not quite a recumbent. 3 speeds is a must. Should have ordered the black padded seat which includes arm rests. I have Parkinsons and the arms rests would have made it much easier to get out of.
I bought off the internet after great ,quick service from Jonathan. One week latter the trike was in my lane way built to my specs.
Local bike stores had nothing comparable. Good looking. Nylon wheels really standout.

good bike overall

I would make the front tube lower for easy to get on and off the bike.

Excellent buy!

This scooter has given me back my ability to get around! With 2 bad knees and a bad back, it really helps. And the price was great! Jonathan was a big help, especially when it arrived without a couple of the accessories I ordered. Now that I have those, I am completely satisfied. Also, I can take it apart in less than 2 minutes, put the 5 pieces in the back of our car, and put it back together quickly at the other end. I love it!

Best bang for the buck

Received the bike faster than expected. Minimal set up, however my husband is really good with tools and all things mechanical. We got the blue color bike and it is gorgeous! The only issue we have found is that the product description stated that the bike would reach up to 25mph with throttle only when after fully charging the battery we have found that it tops out at precisely 20mph. Whereas we bought this one to keep up with my husband's Magnum Metro, this is a bit disappointing. The solid construction, excellent efficient design, quality gears, seat and brakes and foldability we feel make up for the discrepancy in top speed- although this should be corrected in the advertising as it is a substantial difference between what is promised and what is delivered.

Overall the best bang for the buck we have found so far. 👍🏻👍🏻

Great Trike for the money!

We have been enjoying our Trailmate Meteor Trikes very much. We needed bikes that were easy to get on and off of and comfortable to sit and ride on and they have been just what we needed. We got the 21 speed set up and we are happy to have the extra gearing. The only issue we have had was that we got the optional baskets and the pictures we had seen of them made them look fairly large, but they are really pretty small.

Fantastic scooter

This compact scooter is durable easy to drive park and the automatic fold puts it over the top


Love my well built scooter. Jonathon is good at his job


I wish I had made this purchase sooner. I had my first outing at a Greek Festival. I wasn’t sure if it could handle grass, but it did not disappoint me. It is very comfortable, and maneuvers easily. It still had plenty of battery life left after 3 hours.
I’ll be able to enjoy life again!

Hello, Kim!

That's so wonderful to hear, thanks for sharing your experience and for choosing our store. It's a privilege to work with you for your new Shoprider scooter! Take care

Becky's kids

This special needs trike made a big difference in the lives of the special kids at Lee County elementary school. It gave them a thrill to experience one of the pleasures that others enjoy every day.

Great portable scooter!

This scooter is everything Jonathan said it would be. It's comfortable, portable, light enough for me to pick it up and put it in my car, reliable and surprisingly, as fast as a full-size scooter. It was a purchase I won't regret; I've visited places I couldn't have before and life is, once again, wonderful. Thank you, Jonathan, for giving great customer service and following up on all of my questions. You're the best!

Customer Service at its best!

I begin by telling all those considering the purchase of a mobility scooter to look no further than Sure Scooters. I dealt with Jonathan and am grateful beyond belief that I did. He could be the poster child for Customer Service. The model I bought was received with a defect and I immediately contacted Jonathan. He took over and saw to it that I was given a replacement without any question. Additionally, he monitored the progress with the manufacturer and kept me apprised every step of the way. When the replacement unit was ready to ship, Jonathan provided me with all the details; trucking company, day it was due to arrive at my door, tracking information, etc. I don't know much about Sure Scooters as a business but I do know that they surely must put great importance in customer satisfaction. And I hope they realize what a gem they have in Jonathan. I'm in my '60s and have been a part of the corporate world for over 40 years. In that time, I have never been so impressed by an individual. I would do business with Sure Scooters again in a heartbeat!

<p>Hello Gary &amp; Carol,</p>
<p>Jonathan speaking! This is profoundly encouraging &amp; heartwarming feedback, and thanks for the kind words. It was wonderful to chat with you as well about this model and the EW-REMO scooter, and we're deeply thankful for your choosing our store. We &amp; our manufacturers are always here to help if you need. Enjoy those scooters, Gary!</p>