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And a great customer, no doubt. Enjoy and thanks again, Jose!
Great Bike
Hi Joseph, thanks so much for the feedback and we will see about getting an assembly video up in the future. Glad you're enjoying your new e-bike!
Waste of money

Hi Bryan,

That's deeply disappointing to hear about those defects but thanks for your candid feedback. This is by no means normal or acceptable.

With trikes or any of our products for that matter, any defective, damaged or missing parts are replaced for free to our customers thanks to included warranties - you need only ask and we and our manufacturers are here to help!

So if you haven't already, we invite you to claim the warranty offered by Belize and request any replacement parts you feel you need. Visit or call them directly at (877) 933-2595. Belize and all our manufacturers are also available to help with any assembly or troubleshooting tips.

We wish you the best, take care!

Great bike, great price, great customer service from Sure Scooters!
Belize R-2 recumbent Trike
Hi Mr. Thompson, We're so glad you're enjoying this scooter, and thanks again!
EW 38
Hi Mr. Gillette, It was great chatting with you before and we're very happy you're enjoying the EW-38! Thanks again and take care!
Sunrunner 4
good bike overall
Excellent buy!
Best bang for the buck
Great Trike for the money!
Fantastic scooter
Hello, Kim! That's so wonderful to hear, thanks for sharing your experience and for choosing our store. It's a privilege to work with you for your new Shoprider scooter! Take care
Becky's kids
Great portable scooter!
Customer Service at its best!

Hello Gary & Carol,

Jonathan speaking! This is profoundly encouraging & heartwarming feedback, and thanks for the kind words. It was wonderful to chat with you as well about this model and the EW-REMO scooter, and we're deeply thankful for your choosing our store. We & our manufacturers are always here to help if you need. Enjoy those scooters, Gary!

Fair Deal
Great Transaction