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Belize Bike
Belize Bike Tri-Rider Fat Tire Trike

$999.00 $779.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Twin Tri-Rider Tandem Trike

$1,799.00 $1,299.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Tri-Rider Industrial 3 Speed Trike

$1,099.00 $797.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Tri-Rider Comfort Trike

$999.00 $747.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike R-2 Recumbent Trike

$1,599.00 $1,097.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Buddy Trike

$1,599.00 $1,157.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Tri-Rider 20" Folding Tricycle

$899.00 $677.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Tri-Rider 24" Folding Adult Trike

$899.00 $717.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Margay Special Needs Trike

$1,599.00 $1,177.00

Discount Trikes for Sale Q & A

What are the benefits of riding a tricycle?

Like any kind of cycling, using a tricycle is an invigorating, healthy activity and a great way to enjoy the enjoys. There are some special features of trikes that make them a perfect choice for a variety of individuals.

With extra wheels, a tricycle provides additional support and stability. Children who are developing coordination can safely learn to cycle. Those with any kind of disability or who are recovering from an injury can also enjoy a tricycle. Of course, they can be used not only as an adaptive cycle but simply because they are so fun to ride!

What kinds of trikes do you offer?

There's really a tricycle for everybody! We have 4 kinds: adult trikes, recumbent trikes, kids' and teen trikes and electric trikes, and there is a good amount of crossover between them.

So depending on your size, age, condition, and other factors, one of these categories will suit you. Adult trikes are of course larger than those for adolescents. Some trikes are upright like a bicycle would be while others are recumbent (or reclined). Some trikes from each of these categories can even be outfitted with an electric-assist motor!

How difficult is assembly?

Well, that will depend on a few factors. Some tricycles will be easier to assemble than others based on their complexity, size and the number and type of accessories you will add. Everyone has different levels of skills and tools at their disposal which also make assembly more or less challenging.

Please note that installation of electric motor hubs, in particular, can be highly demanding. For most folks, it's best to make sure you have access to professional service in your area if you need. Troubleshooting electrical issues are easier in person with a pro.

Overall, the best way to judge the difficulty of assembly is to download and view the manual for any given trike. We can readily provide the manual and would be glad to help provide any additional information you might need. That should give you a good idea of what you can expect. With plenty of knowledge prior, that minimizes hassle later during assembly.


Can your trikes ship already pre-assembled?

In most cases, our tricycles are not shipped assembled by default. If you would like some help with assembly, there are a couple of good options. First, you can arrange with your local bike shop to have it assembled. During checkout, you can even specify their location for delivery. You can easily download the manual for the trike you want and forward that over to the bike shop for their reference ahead of time!

For some of our trikes, we can take care of assembly for you! Certain trikes from Trailmate, for example, can be pre-assembled for a simple flat rate. All you need to do is opt for the upgrade on the product page to have us take care of assembly for you. Please note that naturally, pre-assembly can add some time to the delivery timeframe. You can always ask us for more details regarding the shipment of a specific model.

No matter how you decide to tackle assembly, we and our suppliers are here to help!

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Customer Reviews

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Great Bike
Hi Joseph, thanks so much for the feedback and we will see about getting an assembly video up in the future. Glad you're enjoying your new e-bike!
Waste of money

Hi Bryan,

That's deeply disappointing to hear about those defects but thanks for your candid feedback.

This by no means is normal or acceptable. We will go ahead and issue a credit back to you for the inconvenience!

With trikes or any of our products for that matter, any defective, damaged or missing parts are replaced for free to our customers thanks to included warranties - you need only ask and we and our manufacturers are here to help!

So if you haven't already, we invite you to claim the warranty offered by Belize and request any replacement parts you feel you need. Visit or call them directly at (877) 933-2595. Belize and all our manufacturers are also available to help with any assembly or troubleshooting tips.

We wish you the best, take care!

Great bike, great price, great customer service from Sure Scooters!
Belize R-2 recumbent Trike
Hi Mr. Thompson, We're so glad you're enjoying this scooter, and thanks again!