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Trailmate Meteor Recumbent Adult Tricycle

$1,799.00 $1,149.00

Belize Bike
Belize Bike Tri-Rider Comfort Trike

$1,399.00 $899.00

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Belize Bike
Belize Bike R-2 Recumbent Trike

$1,599.00 $1,097.00

Trailmate 24" Joyrider Adult Tricycle

$1,499.00 $1,047.00

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Belize Bike
Belize Bike Tri-Rider R-3 Recumbent Trike

$1,599.00 $1,197.00

Trailmate 20" Fun Cycle Adult Tricycle

$1,499.00 $967.00

Trailmate 16" Junior Joyrider Teen/Kid Tricycle

$1,399.00 $927.00

Trailmate 16" Banana Peel Teen/Kid's Tricycle

$1,249.00 $849.00

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Belize Bike
Belize Bike TW-BENTS Artiface Folding Recumbent Trike

$2,999.00 $2,679.00

Discount Recumbent Trikes for Sale Q & A

What are the benefits of a recumbent trike?

Recumbent cycles are the safest, most accessible styles of cycles. Like other trikes, they are very well suited for keeping complete balance at any speed. Lower to the ground, they are relatively easy to get on. They also maximize support and comfort for the user's back.

Who uses recumbent trikes?

Just about anybody can enjoy one! They're one of the most enjoyable, leisurely style of cycles today. For many individuals and families, they are an invaluable means of adaptive cycling. They help to overcome balance issues, disabilities, and injuries. In any case, recumbent trikes are enjoyable, refreshing, and not to mention eye-catching to onlookers!

What are some different styles of recumbent trikes?

While the fundamental design of recumbents is similar, there are some finer features depending on the model. Seats can come in different shapes and materials. Backrests can have different shapes with varying levels of incline.

For some models from Trailmate, wheels can come standard or as either black and white mag style. Additionally, handlebars on the more upright of the recumbent trikes have traditional style handles, while other recumbents have lower placed handles.

What kind of upgrades or accessories do you offer?

There are a number of helpful options that can enhance your recumbent trike experience. Things such as additional back support, foot pedal straps, and harnesses can further increase safety and comfort. Other trikes may have some helpful add ons such as rear-mounted baskets to take goods with you on the go.

Can your recumbent tricycles come pre-assembled?

Typically, our trikes do not come assembled. This helps us keep shipment a bit easier and free for you! That said, there are some good options. For many models, we can arrange to have the trike pre-assembled. Rest assured, this is only offered at-cost to you.

Another option is to ask a local bike shop to assemble your new trike. Once that is all set to go, you can simply enter the shop's information on the shipping address for your order.

Of course, you can also assemble it yourself. In any case, the manual will be provided and we can help out as needed after your purchase!

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