Discount Mobility Scooters for Sale

Everyone should have maximum personal mobility, and we're here to help. Featuring the nation's leading 3 wheel, 4 wheel and transportable mobility scooters, we are confident that you can find the best mobility scooter for yours or your family's needs.

EV Rider CityCruzer 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter
If you would like some help or have any questions about our scooters, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also check out our buyer's guide, "How to choose the best mobility scooter". It has a list of some of the most common questions customers have and can help you narrow down your search to the ideal scooter.

We are on a mission to make mobility easier and accessible for people of all different backgrounds and needs. Unlike massive big box stores that try to carry everything, we focus on mobility scooters and other fantastic adaptive mobility products. Our catalog consists only of the items we believe will better your life the most, so you'll be taken care of.

Also, you can count on the fact that EVERY scooter, wheelchair, trike or anything else we sell is at a guaranteed lowest price. Better yet, for our entire catalog ships FREE to the lower 48 states!

No matter what you are looking for or what your budget is, we have mobility here for you!


Mobility Scooter Styles

3 wheel mobility scooters are very efficient, compact and affordable. For many folks they are perfect for daily living needs required for indoor use as well as moderate outdoor use. Mobility scooters from Shoprider are very well known for their optimized design. Low profile, very comfortable, easy to use and equipped with a storage basket, a Shoprider scooter is a tremendous value.

4 wheel mobility scooters take the benefits 3 wheel scooters further. Larger, they usually have more weight capacity, longer lasting charges, more speed and the ability to drive on different terrains at different inclines. These scooters come in a wide variety with plenty of different features to meet your specific needs. More than a mobility aid, some 4 wheel scooters are designed for recreation. One of the most popular recreational scooters we have right now is the EWheels EW-66, which is a unique, 2-person scooter with a lot of modern comforts and function.

• We also feature a number of medical mobility scooters. First, mobility scooters in general count as personal medical devices per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Though the designation medical is commonly given to the kinds of scooters that are especially accessible, safe and tailor-made to help those with daily living needs. EWheels is not only known for recreational or general use scooters but also a specific medical line of mobility scooters, all of which offer a tremendous value.

• Compact, folding or travel scooters are designed to be lightweight and space-efficient. Unlike larger models, they usually don't have the kind of weight capacity, distance, or speed, but a major advantage of travel scooters is that you likely don't need any kind of lift-assist device to put your scooter in the back of a vehicle. Also, while you can take any scooter on a flight (as it's a medical device), you may be able to take a folding mobility scooter with you as a carry-on.


Electric Wheelchairs

Power chairs or electric assisted wheelchairs are also popular. Just like our selection of mobility scooters, these chairs are well suited for the mobility needs of today's user. You will find excellent options in both compact folding power chairs, full-sized and heavy-duty models. Whether you are looking for a specific seat width, weight capacity, wheelchair weight, motor power, trans-portability, etc. we are confident you can find just the right power chair here! For some information to help you compare the different models, please check out our buyer's guide, "How to Choose the Best Electric Wheelchair". This will help you answer some key questions and pick the ideal electric wheelchair for your needs.

EWheels EW-M45 Power Wheelchair
Our newest addition to the power chair lineup comes from the EWheels medical line: the EW-M45 Folding Lightweight Power Chair. This is an ultra lightweight, portable and altogether easy to use option for those on the go and would do well with a smaller chair.

For full sized models, there is no shortage of excellent choices. The Shoprider Jimmie Portable Power Chair is a great choice for the basics and offers tremendous value for basic daily living.

Kids' & Adult Tricycles

Tricycles are growing in popularity as an incredibly fun, invigorating and healthy style of cycling. There are many great reasons to get one, and folks from a variety of different backgrounds, ages and levels of personal independence love tricycles.

Kids trikes are available for youngsters on up through teenagers in both upright and recumbent styles. They come in a variety of sizes and have different accessories. Add-ons can help to increase support & safety for children with special needs, or they can simply add a little extra touch of fun.

Adult tricycles come in essentially the same styles but are larger. Adult trikes can also either be more traditional, upright models, or they could be recumbent in different positions. Some models are even tandem, accommodating 2 riders, whether side by side.

Electric trikes are excellent for those who want just a little bit of assisted mobility while cycling. Similar to e-bikes, electric tricycles work using a motor hub attached to a wheel, and speed can be controlled on the handlebar. Our selection of electric trikes includes models that are all user-powered by default but may be upgraded by purchasing a separate electric kit. Though there is one electric trike, the EW-29 from EWheels which includes the electric function with the regular price.

Electric Bicycles

Over the last few years, electric bicycles have increasingly become yet another form of personal mobility. There are plenty of great reasons to get one. Especially for urban environments, they are an alternative to driving while also letting you save your breath! Others who want to reintroduce cycling back into their routine following an injury also get a lot of benefit from E-bikes. Of course, there's the simple reason that they are a blast!

We are excited to offer a growing number of the nation's best E-bikes from reputable manufacturers. Recently EWheels, which has long been known for stellar mobility scooter manufacturing, has launched a premier line of quality e-bikes. For example, the EWheels EW-URBAN Electric Bike is equipped to comfortably take you on about any terrain.